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Negative entries at Schufa not only make it almost impossible to take out loans or conclude contracts, but can also mean that you can no longer even open an account, which is an essential must today if you want to participate in social life,

Without an account, it not only rarely fails to rent an apartment, but already receiving payments, be it monthly salary or even unemployment benefits, becomes much more complicated. Fixed, long-term contracts such as a rental contract, contracts with electricity and gas providers or for the phone always require the specification of an account from which the monthly payments are collected by direct debit.

Anyone who has become over-indebted

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Whether through no fault of their own, can also have their account terminated by the bank. If the overdraft facility is regularly overdrawn or is constantly in the red and cannot be compensated for when requested or garnishment has been carried out, this is an alarm signal for the bank that its skins could swim away. Often the response here is to cancel the account and request the outstanding amounts.

Legislators have also recognized that an account is not a can but a must option today and wanted to put a stop to banks’ practice that they no longer even wanted to give accounts to over-indebted people. However, the banks anticipated the proposed law from the legislature by voluntarily committing themselves to granting an account to people with negative Schufa.


Many banks only seem to see this as an empty promise

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Because when people with a negative Schufa want to open an account, they are often rejected. For the banks, this is not only because over-indebted people are rarely capital investors with whom they can earn money, but that account seizure could threaten them – and these regularly cause the banks only one thing: effort and thus costs. Costs that such a customer cannot refinance at short notice.

Nevertheless: Every customer has the right to open a so-called Everyone / Credit account! Should the bank still act here, it may be helpful to remind them of their voluntary commitment or to threaten consumer protection. Because banks that refuse to some extent can be warned by this – an everyone / credit account is even enforceable, even if only a few would go so far.

Opening a Everyone / Credit account is as easy as opening a normal account

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The application must either be completed at the bank or online and you must give your consent that the customer data may be saved and checked at Schufa. ID is also required to be able to prove your identity – for online banks, the identity check is carried out by the postman using the Post Ident procedure.

But: An Wishmann / Henderson account is also associated with disadvantages: For example, an Wishmann / Henderson account is usually not free of charge and there are fees for account management and transactions, which can also be significantly above the usual average. As a rule, banks can pay their “voluntariness” well – unfortunately, it has not yet been finally decided by the legislator whether these higher fees are permissible or not.

In addition, it usually has little or no interest and, for understandable reasons, no overdraft facility is offered. If you should receive a card for the Wishmann / Henderson account, this is usually a pure basic card, with which you can often only collect bank statements or withdraw money from bank-owned ATMs – often not even the latter .EC functions and other cashless options Shopping is often also deactivated.

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